Excessive Sweating In Groin Area (Male): Cause, Treatment, & Prevention

Excessive Sweating in the Male Groin Area

Sweating excessively in the groin area can be an extremely embarrassing problem.  Not only can it cause you some anxiety on date night, but it can lead to rashes and irritation of all sorts.  Let’s take a look at why you sweat in the groin area and what you can do about it.

What Causes Groin Sweating in Males?

There are many reasons that a man sweats excessively in the groin area.  It can be anything from hormonal changes, endocrine imbalances, to a medical condition such as diabetes or being overweight. Sweat is controlled by the sympathetic nervous system, and various factors can influence how much you sweat.  Whenever you sweat, it’s what tells your body to secrete sweat through your pores to keep your body temperature down. 

If you find yourself sweating frequently and more than the average person,  then it’s safe to say you probably have a condition known as hyperhidrosis, which basically means you sweat abnormally.  (Nearly 8 million people just in the United States are affected with it.) Whatever the reason you are sweating, you are considered to have hyperhidrosis if you sweat excessively.

Two main sweat glands in your skin cause you to sweat. The eccrine and the apocrine glands. The eccrine glands are found everywhere on your body and are located directly on your skin’s surface. These type of glands usually don’t cause you to have body odor.  Apocrine glands, however, are found in places with lots of hair such as your armpits and groin, and mix with bacteria to cause bad smelling body odor.

So that’s the simple scientific reason why you sweat in your groin area.  But what are some causes that are making it worse? Let’s look at some external reasons why you’re probably sweating excessively in the groin area.

Possible Reasons For Excessive Sweating In the Male Groin Area

1.) Thick Pubic Hair

Pubic hair is notorious for trapping bacteria and holding in moisture. It prevents airflow, so that the sweat has a harder time escaping and evaporating, and the bacteria is left to fester.

2.) Your Underwear

Depending on the type of underwear you wear, it could be causing your excessive groin sweating issue to be even worse.  If they’re tight and don’t allow any or little airflow, it’s the perfect storm for sweaty genitals.

3.) Your Diet

What you eat and drink can have more of an impact on how much you sweat more than you think.  By eating fatty and processed foods, your body has a harder time digesting those foods (due to the lack of enzymes) and your body is overheating itself.  Excess salt, spicy foods, and alcoholic beverages can contribute to sweating more than you should be. (Read our article on Foods That Make You Sweat Excessively)

4.) Being Overweight

Gaining a few pounds, or especially being obese, can cause you to sweat in your private area.  Again, your body is working harder than if you were in better shape and your internal cooling system is kicking into gear.

What To Do For Excessive Sweating in the Male Groin Area

If you find yourself sweating excessively in the groin area, not all hope is lost.  In fact, there are some effective ways you can implement today to stop sweating so much in the groin.

1.) Keep it Clean.  Shower at least once a day and make sure you are cleaning the pores around your pubic area really well.  Exfoliating your skin cells is also a great idea because bacteria that gets clogged in your pores leads to more sweating and odor.

2.) Trim Your Bush.  You don’t have to clean shave, but take a pair of barber scissors and cut down the weeds a bit. This will help you keep the area cleaner, provide more airflow, reduce the amount of heat trapped, as well as making the environment less conducive for bacteria to hang out.  (Your significant other probably won’t complain either.)

3.) Wear the Right Underwear.  I hate to say it, but if you’re still wearing whitey tighties, you’re going to want to try something different.  Here are some better alternatives to help you out:

  • Boxers: They’re just like miniature shorts. They won’t hold in the heat like traditional underwear. They’ll allow your “boys”  to breathe better and make less of a heat trap.
  • Moisture Wicking Underwear: Jockey brand, as well as a few others, make underwear specifically for this problem. They wick sweat and keep moisture away from your skin to keep you cool and dry.  There’s plenty of options, but here are some examples.
  • Commando: If you’re open to it, (no pun intended), then why not go commando?  It definitely removes the heat barrier and provides plenty of airflow.  Although, I know this method isn’t for everyone and I personally don’t like doing it, but it’s always an option, and an effective on at that. 

4.) Use Genital Antiperspirant. They make an antiperspirant specifically for men to help control sweating down south of the border.  Amazing, isn’t it?!  Here are a couple of different options you can try:

Gents Antiperspirant Serum: The world’s first aluminum-free antiperspirant that will keep you dry without the use of harsh chemicals.  It’s great for people with sensitive skin.  You’ll notice its effects after about a week of use and will see the full force effect after about 4 weeks of regular use.  You can check it out here.  ($24.95 per stick)


Dingo Dust Antiperspirant Powder: Just sprinkle some Dingo Dust on your private area to keep them fresh and dry for hours. It can also be used on your buttocks and inner thighs to help prevent chafing.  You can check it out here.($19.95 per jar)



Whatever the cause of your excessive sweating in the male groin area, there is hope of stopping it and treating it before it gets worse.  If you have hyperhidrosis, be sure to check out our top recommended program and check out our full review of Sweat Miracle™.  It’s fully guaranteed and provides one-on-one coaching with a nutrition specialist to help you stop sweating naturally.